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Root canal treatment

What is it?

Endodontics is better known as root canal treatment. This is a microsurgery to remove the inner part of the tooth and fill this space with a filling material, which prevents infection in this region in the future.

When to treat?

There are several symptoms associated with tooth root disease. In some cases there are visible signs of deep cavities, but normally the most relevant symptom is pain. The patient feels spontaneous and throbbing pain, even with the use of analgesics.

Is the treatment painful?

Root canal treatments are performed under anesthesia, which gives the patient more comfort and avoids any pain during the procedure. After the procedure, the patient is medicated for the next 72 hours, to avoid post-surgical discomfort.

What happens if I don't treat the root canal?

If treatment is not carried out immediately, the pain and inflammation of the tooth will persist. It is also very common for the situation to worsen over time and tooth loss.

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