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Dental service in English for international patients

At Odonto Vasques, we treat a variety of patients, including patients from other countries. Brazil is one of the most advanced countries in dentistry, exporting technology and labor to the world. Many patients take advantage of their vacation period in Brazil to catch up on their dental health. Here at Odonto Vasques, we are ready to receive international patients at the Barra unit. Our team and processes designed in English bring comfort to patients who do not speak Portuguese.

1. Rapid Treatment

We work with digital scanning and 3D printing of parts, which enables fast and accurate service. Below is an estimated treatment time for some of the most commonly performed procedures in our clinic:
- Veneers: 2 weeks

- Single Implant: 2 weeks

- Implant with Full Prosthesis: 3 weeks

Contact our service channel to obtain an estimate of the treatment time for your case.


2. Expertise

At Odonto Vasques, we have already performed more than 1,000 implant surgeries and tens of thousands of dental prosthetics. We are experts in restoring smiles and have worked for many years with international patients who seek affordable quality solutions in Brazil.

3. Fair Price

We offer our foreign patients the same prices and payment terms as we offer our local patients. Our professional ethics motivate us to treat each patient fairly and with the best possible quality at all times.

Equipamento odontológico


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